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General conditions for car rental (Rent-a-car) in Bulgaria

Driver Requirements:

Possession of a valid driving license for at least three years, minimum age - 21 years old IDs (identity card, passport, credit card).

Period of rent:

Minimum rental period of 24 hours. Upon returning the car at the end of the contract without notice, the customer will be charged as follows: 1 hour - € 5; 1-4 hours - half rent a day, 4 hours - a whole rent. Upon failure to return the car for more than 24 hours without warning, the car is declared wanted by the police and the client pays a fee of € 1,000.

The cars of may not leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Method of payment:

Payment is made either in cash or by bank account. The renter must deposit, the amount of which depends on the class of the car (100-300 euro).


Insurance does not cover damage to tires, wheels, windshield, sump, engine and the underside of the vehicle. Insurance does not cover partial loss, loss of parts or accessories. Insurance does not relieve the customer from liability in the event of damage to the vehicle interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, etc..), as well as loss of documents, keys (including loss of panel of audio cassette player or CD).
Damage to all of the above is paid at the discretion of the renting company.
If, in the event of a car accident or a hit on the engine components of the vehicle, the vehicle is not switched off, the customer pays a fine starting at € 500 and reaching the entire repair of the engine plus rent for the days in which the car is not working and is serviced.

The insurance is valid at providing evidence of theft by the Traffic Police and the mandatory return of the documents and the keys of the car.

If the customer does not provide the required documents by the Traffic Police for a traffic accident, they pay the full amount of damages. If the client does not provide the necessary documents from the Police in case of theft or total damage, they are responsible and pay the full insured value of the car.


Upon returning the car with missing fuel, the customer pays the missing fuel, and a fee to the value of € 10.

Additional equipment:

Snow chains - applied charge is 2 Euros a day (not less than 10 Euros and a maximum of € 28)
Driver hire - 60 euros / 24 hours
Driver hire for an hour, but not less than 4 hours - 5 EUR / hour
Navigation - 5 Euro / day
Rent a stroller - 7 Euro / day
Rent Baby seats / - 3 Euro / day

Rent outside office hours:

When renting / returning the vehicle outside working hours is a single fee of € 10 is applied.
Working time: Monday - Sunday from 09:00h to 18:00h.


In case of any damage to the vehicle the customer must notify the renting company by phone on 00359888963676 and the police on 112.